How to watch videos while on the phone? In 2023

Are you having trouble playing videos on your Android phone? That’s quite inconvenient! Do you know how to watch videos while on a call on Android? How to watch videos while on the phone? What is the best way to watch videos while on the phone?  And we will discuss How to watch videos while on the phone.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about forcing Android devices and watching videos on the phone. Smartphone users have high expectations for their powerful devices. 

You can watch videos while on the phone by:

  1. Downloading a video player app that supports multitasking, such as VLC, MX Player, etc.
  2. Using a video streaming service with a mobile app, like YouTube, Netflix, etc.
  3. Using a browser that supports picture-in-picture mode, like Chrome, Firefox, etc

How to watch videos while on the phone or call Android?

There are a few different ways to watch videos when you’re on a call on Android.

  1. One option is to use a program like Video Call Screen.
  2. You may watch videos without leaving the call screen while on a call with this program.
  3. There is also a way to do it with Google Chrome.
  4. If the Chrome browser is open, a video will be playing.
  5. To continue watching the video, switch to speaker mode on your phone.

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Can’t Play Videos While On Call Android

These factors may be at play if a video has already been downloaded but cannot be played on an Android device. It was impossible to download the video’s source. 

The header of the video file might be corrupted or missing. There may be synchronization issues with its visual or aural component.

To use MX Player while calling a Phone.

Android users worldwide praise MX Player for its dependability and reliability. When you install MX Player on your phone, you can play videos in various ways, ensuring versatility.

When on a call, open MX Player, go to Settings, Player, and enable Background Play. Even if your phone didn’t previously have the ability to stream videos while on a call, this allows it to do so now.

How can I play video while on a call?

There are a few different ways to watch videos while on a call.

One way is to use a Video Call Screen. 

Video Call Screen lets you keep your current conversation and continue watching the video from where you left off without restarting the whole app. 

You can also do it with Google Chrome if the browser is open, though this method may require switching to speaker mode on your phone first.

People also ask to know

How Can I Play A Video In MX Player While On The Phone?

The option name may change in older versions, and this procedure is for the most recent version, 1.8.9. However, this page will still be valuable to you. Why do you think that is, anyway?

  • 1st Step: In the upper right corner of the screen, launch MX Player and choose the three-dot hamburger icon.
  • 2nd Step: Find the option to play alone by going to Settings & scrolling down.
  • 3rd Step: By default, it is enabled. Tap on it to undock it. This enables you to watch videos on your phone while using the MX Player.

How do you listen to music and talk on the phone simultaneously?

This may be done in a variety of ways. Using headphones with an integrated microphone is one option. You’ll be able to talk and listen to music simultaneously with this gadget. 

Using an audio splitter is another option. You may listen to music and phone conversation simultaneously by plugging two headphones into one jack.

Can I play music while on a call?

Yes, while on a call, you may listen to music. The speakerphone or headphones are the two options.

How do I keep YouTube playing in the background?

You might be able to watch videos while on the phone with the help of Background Video Player, which was built from the ground up to do so. 

In addition, you won’t have to worry about the Background Video Player taking up your computer since it’s tiny and lightweight.

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How can I watch YouTube while using other apps on Android?

You can watch YouTube while using other apps on Android by using the “Picture-in-Picture” mode. This feature allows you to play a YouTube video while using other apps in a small floating window. To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Start playing a video in the YouTube app.
  2. Tap the “Home” button to minimize the YouTube app.
  3. The video will continue to play in a small floating window.
  4. To close the window, tap the “X” button in the top-right corner.

The picture-in-Picture mode may not be available on all Android devices and is dependent on the Android version and the app being used.

How do you put a video in the background of your gallery?

Following these steps, you can place a video in your gallery’s background: Open the gallery and pick a picture or video.

  • Tap the Use as Wallpaper option when sharing.
  • Select how you’d like to display the video from the “Set” menu.
  • The video will be set as your wallpaper by pressing “Set” once more.

Why does my Samsung say unable to play during the call?

Your Samsung might say, “unable to play while on the call” because you have it set to silent mode, which prevents it from playing any sound.

Another explanation is that you’re on the phone with someone, and the audio isn’t working properly because he or she is shouting.

Last Word

You’ll need to talk directly with your friend to fix the audio issue and find out where the problem is. Ultimately, you’ll learn to watch videos and get additional information while on the phone.

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