How to see Unsent Messages on Messenger? 5 simple ways

One of the most popular instant chat apps is Facebook Messenger. Users may call back their sent messages with the app’s Unsend function.

As a result, you may recall the message that you sent if you become aware of it. You may also use the Unsend feature to rectify a mistake your kid makes in a chat while using the app. Several people find it very useful in a suitable scenario, despite its considerable benefits.

How to see Unsent Messages on Messenger?

You’ll get notifications every time you get a message on the app if your device’s notification is enabled for Messenger. Notifications are stored in this function and are available at any time.

Step-1 See unsent Messages on Messenger for Android

  • On your Android device, open the Settings application.
  • Go to the Applications & Notifications menu.
  • After that, select Notifications History.
  • If you enabled history, your notification log will contain the following entries: notification of unsent messages.

Step-2 See unsent Messages on Messenger via Messenger App

Launch the Messenger app on your device.

You need to download the “Notisave” app on Google Play to see unsent messages on Messenger. In fact, All messenger apps are supported by Notisave for auto-saving methods via messages, images, and statuses. Here are some steps to follow to use it.

  • First, open the google play store, and download “Autosave”
  • Now, by enabling “Notisave,” you’ll be able to enable notifications.
  • Then, Allow Notisave to access your media and files.
  • Then Go to the “Settings” option  
  • Click on “Save Notifications”  
  • Turn on “Messenger”

Step-3 See Unsent Messages on Facebook

If you’re using Facebook, go to your profile and tap Timeline at the top right corner of your screen. Scroll all the way down until you see a section called Recent Friends & Contacts (or something similar).

Tap it and then select Messages from here. You can also click on any past conversation

Step-4 without Messenger App

Because devices vary in functionality and capabilities, it’s important to keep in mind that this technique is only for certain Android users. So, here’s how you can turn on “notification history”

  • Go to Settings  
  • Open Notifications   
  • Then go to the Advanced settings 
  • Click Notification history  
  • Finally, turn on Notification history.

Step-5 See unsent Messages on Facebook App

You’ll get the sender’s username as well as the message that was sent. Here’s how to check and activate Facebook’s email notifications.

  • Tap on the Facebook app icon on your phone.
  • From the menu list, choose Setting & Privacy by clicking on the hamburger icon in the top left corner.
  • Go to the Notifications section and click on it.
  • Under the Where You Receive Notifications section, click on the Email Settings option.
  • Using a notification in your inbox, finish the process.
Unsent messages via Facebook app

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Is There a Way to See Unsent Messages on Messenger on PC?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature as you can’t see the unsent messages on Messenger on PC. However, you can use a third-party app to view those Messages which are not sent by your Facebook friends.

So if privacy is an important factor for you, then we recommend using some other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram instead of Facebook messenger. Someone want to know also How To Delete A Gif On Facebook? So, lets see.

How can I retrieve deleted messages from Messenger?

Sadly, messages on Messenger are typically permanent after they have been deleted. There are, however, a few things you may do to retrieve deleted messages:

  1. Check your archived messages: Messenger has an “Archived” folder where messages that you have archived are stored. To access your archived messages, open Messenger and tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner. Then, select “Archived Messages” to view your archived messages. If your deleted message is not there, move on to the next step.
  2. Contact the person you were chatting with: If the message was important, you may want to reach out to the person you were chatting with and ask if they still have a copy of the message. They may be able to send it to you again.
  3. Use a data recovery tool: If you have an Android device and have backed up your Messenger data, you may be able to retrieve deleted messages using a data recovery tool. Some popular data recovery tools for Android include DiskDigger and Recuva.
  4. Check your Facebook data: If you have deleted your Facebook account, you can still retrieve your data for a short period of time. To download your Facebook data, go to your Facebook settings and select “Your Facebook Information” and then “Download Your Information.” You can then select the data you want to download, including your Messenger data. If your deleted message is not there, unfortunately, it may be permanently lost.

How do you see unsent messages on Message on iPhone?

Unsent messages are lost forever. The normal deletion of messages, which puts them in a new Recently Deleted section rather than in your message history, is different.

Messages that have been deleted in the last 30 days (where they may be recovered) remain for another 30 days.

Last Word

If you have deleted a message and are concerned about whether or not it was actually deleted, our best option is to reach out to the person who sent the message. If they do not have a copy of the message. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to recover it for you.

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