How to clean Marley floors? Comprehensive Guides in 2023

For home studios, schools, and most dance settings, a Marley dance floor is an excellent choice: vinyl roll-out flooring. Do you know How to clean Marley floors? A Marley floor may last up to 15 years if cared for properly, combining durability and versatility. You’ll need to create a Marley dance floor care plan to get the most out of your flooring for safety, performance, and durability.

Sweeping and dry mopping should be done daily, while washing should occur every week. Additionally, address any stains or markings as soon as you notice them. To keep a safe and healthy dance studio, all deep cleaning and sanitizing should be done once or twice a year.

What are Marley Floors?

Marley Floors is a vinyl roll-out flooring manufacturer based in the United States. The company’s mission is to provide “the finest, most durable, and versatile floor covering available.” Marley Flooring products are designed specifically for dance studios, schools, performance venues, and other areas where durability, comfort, and ease of care are essential.

How to clean Marley floors?

To clean a Marley floor you need to take some steps that have been given here.

  1. Sweeping and dry mopping should be done daily
  2. Wash Your Floors Weekly or two days after
  3. Remove your Stains
  4. Deep Clean Twice Yearly or monthly
  5. Disinfect Your Floor

Now, we are going to discuss these steps briefly.

  1. Sweeping and dry mopping should be done daily

Dry mopping is the process of wiping down a surface with a cloth, usually by rubbing it in a circular motion. This removes any dirt, dust, or debris that has settled since the last cleaning.

Making sure your floors are clean every day helps to prevent build-up and reduces the amount of time needed for regular cleanings.


This is moving debris, such as dirt, dust, and leaves. First, use a broom to gather up any large pieces to sweep your floor. Then use a mo.

To wash Marley floors, start by wetting your clothes in warm water and adding some mild detergent (or dish soap). Wring out the soapy cloths before using them to clean various parts or use a vacuum cleaner to suction onto the surface and drag it across the room. Be gentle; you don’t want to knock anything off of the floor.

  1. Wash Your Floors Weekly or two days after

If you have weekly appointments, this will mean less time overall spent on floor cleaning each week. If you don’t have weekly appointments, your floors need to be cleaned more regularly.

  1. Mopping the floor with a sweep and a dry mop.
  2. Mix 1 gallon of water with 2-4 ounces of the solution.
  3. Apply the solution and use a nonabrasive brush to scrub it.
  4. With a mop or squeegee, wash off the solution.
  5. Wash it thoroughly with water.
  1. Remove your Stains

No matter how hard you try, the occasional stain on your dance floor is unavoidable. Food or drink stains, scuff marks, leaked shoe dye, and tap stains are all common stain types. You might ask that your Marley floor be used only for dancing purposes and take certain steps to limit stains, such as insisting on high-quality dancing shoes.

  1. Deep Clean Twice Yearly or monthly

Make sure to clean your Marley dancing floors at least twice a year. Renting a tiny cleaning machine and using ProClean Ultra, a concentrated detergent degreaser, are the steps involved in this cleaning. 

Instead of using a black pad, use a green or aqua pad to avoid scratching your floor. After using ProClean Ultra, remember to rinse with water.

  1. Disinfect Your Floor

During the fall, winter, and spring, you should disinfect your floors at least three times per year.

During the colder months, when colds and flu spread most readily, it is particularly important to disinfect at least once before or during them. Many disinfectants contain bleach or alcohol, so be careful about which one you use. 

For dance floors, ProClean D No-Rinse is a good option. It is used against SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards.

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How to clean a Marley dance floor?

You’ll get here how you clean a Marley dance floor with step-by-step guides. To clean a Marley dance floor, follow these steps:

  1. Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Use a damp mop or cloth to clean the surface, using a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using too much water, as this can damage the floor.
  3. Dry the floor completely to prevent any water damage or warping.
  4. Apply a protective coating or wax, if desired, to help maintain the appearance and longevity of the floor.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your specific Marley dance floor, it’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to clean Marley floor tiles?

To clean Marley floor tiles,

  • First, make sure that you have the correct cleaning supplies. 
  • You will need a bucket of water, detergent, and a scrub brush. 
  • Pour a bucket of water into the sink and add enough detergent to cover the floor tiles. 
  • Swish the tiles around in the water until they are fully submerged. 
  • Then, use the scrub brush to scrub the tiles vigorously with circular motions. 
  • Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection if you are using any strong cleaning chemicals, as they can be harmful if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. 
  • Finally, rinse the tiles off with fresh water and dry them off with a towel.

How to disinfect Marley’s dance floor?

To disinfect Marley’s dance floor, 

  • Remove any personal belongings, such as phone chargers and wallets. 
  • Start by spraying the entire surface with a forceful stream of water from the garden hose. 
  • Then sprinkle in one tablespoon of household bleach per gallon of water. 
  • Scrub all surfaces with a scrub brush until they are free of dirt, dust, and Bleach residue. 
  • Dry off everything thoroughly before putting anything back on the floor.

Best cleaner for Marley floor

A mild soap and water solution is usually the best cleaner for a Marley dance floor. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the floor’s surface. Some popular mild soap options for cleaning Marley dance floors include:

  1. Dish soap
  2. Mild laundry detergent
  3. Castile soap

Make sure to dilute the soap according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Always test a small, inconspicuous area of the floor before cleaning the entire surface.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Marley Floors Clean

To keep your Marley dance floor looking its best, follow these easy tips:

1. Clean the surface with a mild soap and water solution before every use. 

2. Remove any personal belongings, such as phones and wallets, before beginning cleaning. 

3. Sprinkle in one tablespoon of household bleach per gallon of water to disinfect the surface. 

4. Scrub all surfaces until they are free of dirt, dust, and Bleach residue using a scrub brush.

Last Word

This guide has shown you how to disinfect Marley’s dance floor and keep it clean. Remember to use a mild soap and water solution, remove personal belongings before cleaning, and scrub all surfaces until they are free of dirt, dust, and Bleach residue.

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