How to clean a Foot Spa at home? A simple Guide

To avoid the spread and development of disease-causing microorganisms, foot spas must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. You’ll get here on How to clean a Foot Spa at home with details. Moisture, uncleanliness, and contamination may all support microorganisms’ growth.

Bacterial outbreaks, particularly non-tuberculous mycobacteria, have been linked to foot spas, which may cause skin infections and lymph node inflammation.

How to clean a Foot Spa at home?

Always clean and disinfect according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Remove the foot spa’s water from it.
  • Using a clean cloth or single-use towel, thoroughly clean the surfaces of the foot spa with detergent and warm water.
  • Spray a hospital-grade disinfectant over the foot spa to disinfect it.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions, re-circulating ‘air-jet’ spas must be cleansed with clean water and disinfectant.
  • After disinfection, use a clean lint-free cloth to dry the foot spa. After each new client, a fresh clean cloth should be utilized.

Cleaning a foot spa at home is essential to ensure that it remains hygienic and safe to use. Here are some steps you can follow to clean your foot spa at the end of the day:

  1. Empty the water: First, make sure to unplug the foot spa and empty out any remaining water.
  2. Wash with soap: Fill the foot spa with warm water and add a small amount of mild soap. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface of the foot spa, making sure to scrub away any dirt or residue.
  3. Rinse thoroughly: After washing with soap, rinse the foot spa thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  4. Disinfect with vinegar: Mix equal parts water in a spray bottle and spray the solution all over the foot spa. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it down with a clean cloth.
  5. Rinse again: Rinse the foot spa once more with clean water to remove any vinegar residue.
  6. Dry thoroughly: Use a dry cloth to wipe the foot spa down and remove any excess water. Make sure the foot spa is completely dry before storing it away.

After a Week

All of the spa’s parts, including the foot spa, must be soaked in disinfectant overnight.

You can effectively clean your foot spa and ensure that it remains safe and hygienic for future use.

Is wiping enough to clean the foot spa machine?

No, wiping alone is not enough to clean a foot spa machine. While wiping may remove visible dirt and debris, it does not eliminate bacteria, and fungi that can grow in the warm and moist environment of a foot spa. 

To ensure the foot spa is properly cleaned, it should be washed with soap and water, disinfected with a solution like vinegar rinsed, and dried before storing it away. 

This will help to prevent the buildup of harmful microorganisms and ensure that the foot spa remains safe and hygienic for future use.

List the steps to clean and disinfect basic foot basins or tubs

Here are the steps to clean and disinfect a basic foot basin or tub:

  1. Empty the water and remove any debris from the basin/tub.
  2. Wash the basin/tub with soap and warm water, using a soft brush or cloth to scrub away any dirt.
  3. Rinse the basin/tub thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  4. Disinfect the basin/tub by filling it with a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water or by using a disinfectant cleaner specifically designed for foot spas. Allow the solution to sit in the basin/tub for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Drain the disinfectant solution and rinse the basin/tub thoroughly with clean water.
  6. Wipe the basin/tub dry with a clean towel or allow it to air dry completely before using it again.

How to store the foot basin?

Here are some steps to store a foot basin:

  1. Ensure the foot basin is completely dry before storing it to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.
  2. If the basin has any removable parts, such as rollers or attachments, remove them and clean them separately before storing them.
  3. Store the foot basin in a cool, dry place where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture.
  4. Cover the basin with a clean towel or cloth to protect it from dust and other contaminants.
  5. If possible, store the foot basin in a cabinet or other enclosed space to keep it out of the way and free up floor space.

By properly storing your foot basin, you can help extend its lifespan and keep it in good condition for future use.

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How do you clean a foot soak at home?

Turn on the re-circulation system and fill the foot spa with water, and 2 to 3 tablespoons of low-sudsing detergent. Give it half an hour to run. Drain and rinse the spa again, replacing it with 2 tsp of bleach per 2 cups of water to achieve intermediate-level disinfection.

How can I do a foot spa at home?

Here are some steps to do a foot spa at home:

  1. Fill a basin or tub with warm water, enough to cover your feet up to your ankles.
  2. Add some Epsom salt, essential oils, or other foot-soak ingredients to the water, if desired.
  3. Soak your feet in the water for 10-15 minutes, or longer if desired.
  4. Use a pumice stone or foot scrub to gently exfoliate the skin on your feet, paying special attention to any rough or callused areas.
  5. Rinse your feet with clean water and pat them dry with a towel.
  6. Apply a moisturizing lotion or foot cream to your feet to help soften and hydrate the skin.
  7. For an extra treat, give yourself a foot massage using a tennis ball or a massage roller.

Last Word

Cleaning a foot spa at home is essential for maintaining good hygiene and the growth of harmful bacteria. To clean a foot spa, it’s important to first empty the basin with soap water. 

Afterward, the foot spa should be disinfected with a solution of white vinegar designed for foot spas. 

Finally, the basin should be thoroughly rinsed before storing it away. Now, you can keep your foot spa clean, ensuring a safe foot spa experience every time.

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